County Gate Lodge is proud to support the following two Provincial Charities

The West Kent-Tender Loving Care (TLC) Charity

This charity exists in several Masonic Provinces thoughout the country and donates a teddy bear to sick children when they are taken to the A&E, and MUI  units in hospitals throughout the Provinces. 

In West Kent, to date, over 20,000 teddy bears have been donated, something we are very proud of. 

The Chairman of the West Kent TLC Appeal is our very own W.Bro.John Blew and the Lodge supports the charity with regular donations.  This charity only exists through the generosity of the Freemasons throughout the country.

Visit the Tender Loving Care (TLC) charity website.


The Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity

Known as the MTSFC, this is a national Masonic Charity which provides days out for handicapped and severely underpriviledged children. 

There are many Masonic Provinces throughout the UK which have their regional teams who volunteer their time to coach these unfortunate children in the art of Fly Fishing.  It is quite amazing to witness the transformation in them from their arrival at the lake to their departure, having been coached, fed and watered by a  team of volunteers. 

W.Bro. Alan Game is very involved in this and is one of the team of volunteer coaches.  W.Bro's. Doug Graham and David May are registered helpers and work to ensure that the children have a memorable day out.

Visit the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing charity website.