Introduction to the booklet on our Lodge History.  The booklet was handed to members and their guests at the November 2012 meeting.

County Gate Lodge No.7849 : The first 50 years

Whilst writing about the history of the Lodge, it is quite apparent that a debt of gratitude is owed to our former Lodge Secretaries for their diligent record keeping which has been of great value in creating this summary of the 50 years of the Lodge. The occasion will be celebrated at our Lodge Meeting in November 2012.

The determination of our Founders culminated the Lodge Consecration which was held on Tuesday 6th November 1962 at the Café Royal, Regent Street, London W1.  There is no documentary evidence but it is believed that the Lodge name comes from County gate, a small road which connects Footscray Road and the A20 Sidcup by-pass which is on the border of Eltham and Sidcup.

There were no word processors in those days and all the minutes had to be hand written, a time consuming process. Much has happened and there have been many changes in the first 50 years of County Gate Lodge.

The next 50 years will bring its own challenges though I'm sure the younger brethren will maintain the form, traditions and excellent standards we currently have. Whilst we continue to enjoy our Freemasonry, the Lodge has a future.

W.Bro.David May
May 2012